Terms and Conditions

Payment must be made in full on completion, unless otherwise arranged by prior agreement with ATD Services.

ATD services do not accept any responsibility for any third party items fitted. Due to the nature of installation of many different items, from many different manufacturers from all over the world, it is impossible to know the grade and quality of an item. We use our many years of experience and knowledge to select the most suitable fixings and products available to ensure your items are fitted safely, securely, and accurately. We will if required replace securing fixtures where we deem them to be unsafe or unsuitable. If we are required to move or fit a new fitting method to an existing piece then we can only guarantee the quality of the supplied item and not that of the third party item.
However ATD Services do not take responsibility for faulty fixtures, fittings or construction that are part of the item we have not supplied. We do inspect all items prior to using the supplied method. For example if a mirror or picture has a faulty securing hooks or fixtures that fails we cannot accept responsibility in these circumstances.
ATD Services will only guarantee the fitting of an item if it’s the actual wall fixtures we have supplied, fitted and that have failed. We also only guarantee if the item/s ATD Services have installed, if an item is then removed for any reason and refitted by anyone else but ATD services we can no longer accept responsibility for that item or the wall fittings.
The client is responsible for making sure we have a suitable and safe work area, any high value items to be moved away where possible and areas made safe to minimise risk of damage. If you have any high value items that cannot be moved, please make us aware of these items on arrival. ATD Services accept no responsibility for damages that may occur due to accidental damage.
Thank you very much for reading our Terms and Conditions of service