Recent Projects

Every Home needs that Attention To Detail

Stylish Gallery Wall Display 

Full Placement and fitting 

What a huge difference the placement of this collection of art pieces made, used together to make this stylish gallery display. The client was so happy with the quality of our work, we went on to fit various items throughout the home.


Various pieces in stunning property, cinema room entrance was fun

This home is really showing the personality of the lovely owners, it’s all in the ATD.

Fun job adding the finishing touches to this stunning property. Lots of work in this lovely property in various rooms, with all kinds of different mirrors and large antique pieces to install. But this made me smile with the great entrance leading to the cinema room! As always the Attention To Detail is key!!


Triptych Mirror Art

Creating a wonderful ambience 

Fantastic addition to this landing and stairwell. This trio of full-length mirrors arranged expertly and accurately spaced for the client, along with a large modern piece above the stairwell took this already stunning home to a different level. Creating a very modern and bright ambience.


Just another stunning property 

We are so lucky to have such beautiful properties to work in....

This job was no easy feat!

This client had an amazing home which needed the finishing touches of the Artwork and Mirrors to add that personality to the home. We needed to set up a small tower to allow access to this huge triple height wall above the extra-large double-sided Fireplace.

The Mirror was around 150cm x 120cm and was extremely heavy. The goal was to safely and securely install the Mirror Art whilst maintaining structural integrity. With careful planning, preparation, and execution, you can see the unique and wonderful finished product in pride of place. This added to the contemporary style of the home.